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Sunflower Butter Recipes
Sunflower Butter Recipes

If you’re sick and tired of peanuts obtaining all the particular attention, examine out these types of easy and delicious sunflower butter tasty recipes .  

They’re terrific nut-free alternatives and are also every winners!

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Homemade Sunflower Butter in a Glass Jar

Whether you might have allergic reactions or are usually just searching for a change, sunflower butter is an incredible alternative.

Also identified as ‘SunButter, ’ this still includes a pleasant crazy and somewhat salty flavor – exactly like peanut butter .

The difference, of training course, is the fact that this particular stuff is totally nut-free!

Therefore , from lovely to savory, check away these sunflower butter recipes.

I really like them, and so may you!

15+ SunButter Quality recipes We Can not Get Enough Of

Veggie nori wraps make the delicious, nutrient-packed meal or snack.

Thinly sliced up veggies wrapped in a seaweed casing are usually fresh, flavorful, and fun. But it’s the marinade you’ll rubbish over!

The sunflower butter dipping spices is extremely good plus adds the particular tastiest tastes for all the beautiful veggies in the wrap.  

Homemade peanut butter cups are a perfect mixture of flavors and designs.

I actually love making candy pubs like this particular at home since you can make them exactly how you want. For example , I like salted caramel in mine!

Attempt them along with sunflower butter and dark chocolate for an allergen-free treat. These nut or seeds butter cups are awesome no matter how a person spin it.  

Energy tennis balls are the particular ideal lightweight snack. They are full of yummy and healthful ingredients plus will a person full and energized all of morning.  

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These types of chewy snack foods are loaded with wholegrain oats, sweetie, chia seed,   and mini delicious chocolate chips.  

They’re chewy, crunchy, lovely, and appealing.

Craving cookies but short on time? These three-ingredient SunButter snacks are extremely easy.  

I’d honestly express they are nearly perfect. All of you need is sunflower butter, sugar, and a good egg.

They’re crispy on the exterior plus delightfully chewy and smooth on the inside.  

Even better, this particular recipe is usually super flexible. So feel free to use other nut butters, like almond or cashew.

Roasted rainbow celery are both vibrant and tasty. They’re packed with nutrition and create a delicious aspect dish insanely drool-worthy

The carrots are roasted with fantastic seasonings, and the particular caramelized tastes are divine.

At the same time, the somewhat sweet dressing up with sweetie and sunflower butter is normally the literal icing to the cake.

Gentle, fudgy, and oh-so-indulgent, these little truffles are a heaven sent dream.

Involving the coconut flour , sunflower seed butter, maple syrup, and coconut milk, they’re paleo plus vegan-friendly.

They will don’t flavor it, though!

Instead, these people taste such as decadent brownie truffles , and you will want the whole batch in order to yourself!

Fruits and veggies are always an excellent option from parties. And they’re even better when you have some thing yummy to dip all of them in.  

This fruits dip features yogurt plus maple syrup for a wonderfully sugary and rich and creamy base.

SunButter (or the selection of fanatic butter) brings protein and a delightfully nutty flavor.

This thick and creamy drop goes well with each fruits and veggies. In addition, it’s healthful and nutritious!

Sweet, chewy, gluten-free, plus ideal for your next Halloween night party, the cookies are every little monster’s heaven sent dream!

You’ll make the dough along with sunflower butter, coconut oil, honey, oats, and brown rice cereal.

You’ll include coconut flakes and sweet chips intended for some chewy indulgence.

Before baking, top every cookie along with candy-coated candy drops plus bake till golden. Yum!

Butternut corn and almond bisque is a luscious soup that’s specifically wonderful throughout the holidays.  

With a good ultra-thick plus creamy consistency, it’s sure to warm you upward. Plus, it is easy in order to make and is ideal as the starter, side, or primary meal.  

Substitute the almond butter for sunflower butter in order to make this nut-free.

I’m always upward for a new pumpkin formula . With fall just around the corner, these donuts are contacting my title!

Don’t worry; homemade donuts don’t have to become complex. This recipe is easy in order to make and can become your favorite formula in zero time.  

The mixture of sunflower butter and pumpkin is definitely delectable. It is an assured crowd pleaser and secretly (kind of) healthy!

When pumpkin isn’t your jam, try these types of vegan sunflower butter plus chocolate donuts instead.  

SunButter provides these candy a nuttiness that’s super tasty plus addictive.

Meanwhile, the particular texture associated with the donuts is beautifully fluffy plus moist, and that decadent candies glaze is certainly downright guilty.

Make these types of for any kind of special breakfast every day or cook sale. Given that they’re vegan and allergen free, they are well suited for everyone.

SunButter granola bars are quick, easy, and super-duper scrumptious.   With just five ingredients, these granola bars are terrific with regard to breakfast .

They are vegan, allergen-free, packed along with flavor, and you do not even have to bake all of them!

SunButter, sweetie, and banana muffins are filled with nutritious plus tasty substances.  

They are also gentle and comfortable despite being gluten-free, vegan, and allergen-free.

Between your nutty butter, sticky sweetie, and normally sweet plums, they’re just like indulgent every chocolate or blueberry muffin .

They simply also happen to pack in some goodness to begin every day off correct.

I do not think I’ve ever endured a quick breads this divine with only three elements.  

Clown bread will be a household fave, yet once you add sunflower butter, a person have a completely treat on your hands.

Not only are these claims recipe ideal for any kind of time of day, yet it’s a great way to reduce food waste plus use your overripe bananas.   Win-win!

Collard green spring rolls are usually a vegan, plant-based angle on regular spring proceeds. They’re not as crispy, but they sure are usually scrummy!

Handheld snacks plus meals like this are fantastic. Plus, these spring rolls’ lovely colors plus flavors are usually super welcoming.  

Only don’t skip out on the sunflower butter dipping sauce . The nuttiness goes therefore well with all of the vegetables.

Sriracha hemp noodles are usually one associated with my favorite dishes lately. They are gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, plus sesame-free.  

But still without almost all that, they’re impossibly delish.

Showcasing SunButter, coconut aminos, and hemp seed , the sauce is pretty earthy.

But don’t worry, you will also consist of a sweetener (such like agave or honey) and plenty of Sriracha to brighten up!

Pup chow is definitely such the fun treat, and it is terrific because a fast, kid-friendly vacation gift.

I usually use candies and peanut butter to help make mine. Yet this SunButter recipe reaches the top of my must-make listing.

It’s just as fairly sweet and crunchy, but this version is nut-free. That means it’s ideal pertaining to everyone!

17 Easy Sunflower Butter Recipe Collection

17 Easy Sunflower Butter Recipe Collection



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  • Organize all the particular required substances.
  • Prep a delicious sunflower butter recipe within 30 minutes or even less!

Sunflower Butter Recipes

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