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Greek Yogurt Dips
Greek Yogurt Dips
Greek Yogurt Dips

If you’re searching for the particular perfect spices for sinking veggies, you can’t beat such an example Greek fat free yogurt dips .

If you’ve never attempted using Greek yogurt since a base for the dip, allow me be the first to inform you: please do.

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Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Cucumber and Lemon

It allows you to obtain peak creaminess without packaging on the ton of fat or even calories.

It’s also the perfect substitute for sour lotion and mayonaise without compromising a smooth, silky texture.

Deal with your tastebuds and waistline right along with one associated with these terrific Greek yogurt dips.  

If you are somebody who drizzles ranch over everything, you will appreciate this healthier version of the classic sauce.  

Not just really does this formula help you save in the calorie department, yet it’s so easy to make.

All you require are the few simple ingredients in order to prepare this fantastic dip.

Can a person believe it only requires 5 minutes to make this particular show-stopping drop?  

If time you are short promptly and need a quick appetizer, try whipping together this particular recipe.

You just need a few pantry components plus several chips or veggies to serve on the part.

Your taste will gush within the smoky, savory tastes in most chew, making this a single delicious drop you certainly won’t forget.  

If you’re looking for that perfect, versatile sauce that goes with everything, you are in good fortune.

This Ancient greek yogurt drop is so insanely rich and creamy with just the ideal quantity of seasoning to help keep points interesting.

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What much better way to get the children to eat raw vegetables than to function them a platter along with this incredible dip?  

Have you ever visited a Greek restaurant plus thought, what exactly is that amazing sauce?  

Allow me to expose you to tzatziki, a good ultra-creamy drop that’s rich with tangy herbal flavors.

Best associated with all, you won’t believe how easy it is certainly to allow it to be yourself!

All a person need a few simple components to make your personal homemade tzatziki.

Yep, you look at that correctly. You only need 2 a few minutes to create this particular fabulous avocado dip , guaranteed to create the mouth area drinking water.

All you have to do is lead pages some avocados, stir in some Ancient greek yogurt , lime juice, garlic powder, and sodium, and voila!  

You now possess a tasty dip to pair with a bag associated with tortilla chips, tacos, or even sandwiches!

Did you know this particular delectable drop only makes use of 2 ingredients?  

That’s right, for those who have Greek fat free yogurt and pesto stocked in your fridge, you can make this fantastic recipe!

You will obsess over the fresh tulsi flavors mixed with creamy Greek yogurt.  

Serve this refreshing drop with the side associated with grilled vegetables, or slather it on a sandwich for the healthy pass on.  

After only one attack of this creamy dip, you might not buy store-bought again!

This particular dip provides a great deal going intended for it; between the mayonaise, cream parmesan cheese, and Ancient greek yogurt, you’re in intended for one rich and creamy bite.

Best of all of, you period this marinade with soup powder and green chili peppers in order to infuse the little high temperature into every single mouthful.

You can not beat the particular classic France onion drop!  

Not only is it full of tangy flavors of savory onion, yet the creaminess is unparalleled.

In addition, you only need 5 minutes in order to whip upward a set of this tasty sauce.

Whether or not you scoop several of this particular delectable spices on a cracker or pair it with your preferred potato chips, don’t miss this dip.

If you love fruit but desire it may be also sweeter, after that I’ve got the formula to suit your needs!

This particular creamy fruit dip uses Greek fat free yogurt to create a dense base without having going crazy on calorie consumption.

You get your own choice of three delicious flavors: sweet, key lime green, and almond butter.

If you’re getting a hard time deciding on which noises better, join the membership!

In case you reach for the buffalo chicken during Friday night soccer parties, carry out yourself the favor and make this delicious recipe.

Among the creamy base, spicy hot marinade , plus shredded poultry, this is definitely one great appetizer you will be thinking about at all times.

Plus, it’s a lot healthier compared to other variants thanks to the wise swap associated with Greek fat free yogurt instead of lotion cheese.

A person can create this 5-ingredient wonder very quickly, making it an ideal formula to have an easy-peasy snack.

If you thought ranch dip couldn’t become gourmet, permit this formula change your own mind.

You begin with the classic farm base that’s filled with all those comforting, tangy flavors we all find out and love.

Then you definitely drizzle some homemade oil over top, which you try out with scallions, red pepper flakes , and cilantro.

Every taste unleashes an explosion of sizzling tastes on your palate, making you crave more instantly.  

Do you find that will your Taco Tuesdays are lacking pizazz? Allow this particular recipe to shake some misconception!

You’ll enjoy slathering this particular lime yogurt sauce upon tacos, seafood, carne asada, basically something that could use just a little citrus fruit flair.

This recipe is certainly quick, basic, and preferences from this planet!

If you believed spinach drop was obviously a waste of unhealthy calories, reconsider!

This healthful version allows you to indulge in the particular scrumptious spices without neglecting your diet.

In addition, this healthy recipe is definitely so tasty; every mouthful contains chopped walnuts, zingy herbs, and zesty red, commingled in the creamy sauce.

What is not in order to love regarding that?

Say hello to your new favorite, multi-purpose formula.

I don’t think there is anything this cilantro fat free yogurt sauce can not do.

Whether you’re slathering a few on several salad, nudeln, or meat, this spices can do it all!

You will like the bright citrus and herbal flavors that flavor like liquid sunshine inside a dish.

You’ll have got difficulty believing this fantastic honey dijon dressing is certainly actually healthy.

Rather than adding unhealthy mayo or sour cream , you are able to achieve peak creaminess by utilizing Greek yogurt since a foundation.  

There is a winning combination of special, tangy tastes in each and every taste.

If you need the quick appetizer for unpredicted guests, you can not beat this simple spinach yogurt drop.

In just 10 minutes, you can possess this scrumptious, versatile snack ready on the desk.  

In the event that you’re asking yourself why this particular dip is really amazing, you can thank the addition of dried mint for incorporating a tasty, complex flavor.

Using just six ingredients, you can have this stellar azure cheese spill ready very quickly.

Whether a person dunk several carrots to the creamy sauce or drizzle it on the salad, it is an outstanding recipe.

Should you be looking with regard to an ideal flexible sauce that will makes every thing better, then meet your favorite recipe.

Even the smallest drizzle of this aji sauce makes ordinary food taste incredible.

The hot and spicy, tangy flavors that make this particular one irresistible dip.

If you want a quick sauce to help the children eat their particular veggies, this is actually the recipe to suit your needs.

All you need a few pantry elements and 5 minutes to whip up a batch of this sensational dip.

Every dollop is creamy, tangy, plus filled with mouthwatering flavor.

No summer patio party is usually complete without this fantastic mint fat free yogurt sauce.

In between the bright citrus flavors and the creamy, tangy base, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing sauce.  

Whether you drizzle it over shish kebabs or even use it meant for pita-dipping, you can’t fail with this recipe.

In order to beat the heat, have a look at this incredible cucumber raita.

It’s that perfect stability of fantastic spices plus cooling substances, coming jointly to create something magical.

You’ll adore the refreshing taste of cucumber commingled with fresh new herbs, zingy citrus, plus creamy Greek yogurt.

I’m convinced that this whipped feta dip can make all your culinary dreams become a reality.

When you’re on the fence about this statement, I encourage you to definitely give this recipe a go and tell me otherwise.

The particular mixture of rich feta cheese plus garden-fresh natural herbs, get this the perfect appetizer for the summer period.

If you’ve never ever tried creamy salsa, keep on in order to your seat and get ready to be used on the flavor adventure.

You simply need four simple substances to produce this particular magical drop: salsa, Greek yogurt, taco seasoning, plus cilantro.

With each other, these elements create some thing that preferences magical.  

Are you having an Extremely Bowl celebration but you are short on one a lot more appetizer? You can not beat the simplicity of this 3-ingredient dip.

All a person have to do is definitely combine Ancient greek yogurt, pesto, and salt to produce a delectable dip that’s bursting with flavors.

Put your balcony plant garden to good make use of by making this garden-fresh dip.

Once you flavor the bright, fresh natural herbs, you’ll immediately be transferred to the Springtime state of thoughts.  

While this dip may go heavy around the ingredients, the final result is definitely amazing.

25 Best Greek Yogurt Dips

25 Best Greek Yogurt Dips

Try out these Greek yogurt scoops for healthy apps you can feel good about. Through tzatziki to ranch to pesto, there are so many delicious dip tested recipes to select from.


  • Greek Yogurt Ranch Drop

  • Smoked Paprika Greek Yogurt Dip

  • Greek Yogurt Dip

  • Tzatziki

  • 2 -Minute Creamy Avocado Drop

  • Greek Fat free yogurt Pesto Drop

  • Cream Parmesan cheese Hatch Green Chile Drop

  • French Red onion Dip along with Greek Yogurt

  • Creamy Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip

  • Healthful Buffalo Chicken breast Dip

  • Homemade Ranch Drop with Ancient greek language Yogurt

  • Lime green Yogurt Sauce

  • Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip with Walnuts

  • Cilantro Fat free yogurt Sauce

  • Greek Yogurt Darling Mustard Outfitting or Dipping Sauce

  • Basic Spinach Yogurt Dip

  • Healthful Blue Mozzarella cheese Dip or even Salad Outfitting

  • Peruvian Aji Sauce

  • Greek Yogurt Drop with Herbs and Garlic clove

  • Simple Mint Greek Yogurt Sauce

  • Cucumber Raita

  • Rich and creamy Whipped Feta Dip

  • Creamy Salsa Dip

  • 3 -Ingredient Pesto Fat free yogurt Dip

  • Creamy, Cool Herbed Greek Fat free yogurt Dip


  • Select your preferred recipe.
  • Organize most of the needed ingredients.
  • Prep a Greek drop in half an hour or less!

Greek Yogurt Dips

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