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This particular decadent dessert is everything you love about German chocolate cake in one easy-to-make pie! Layers of chocolate custard, perfectly special shredded coconut, and salted pecans all of in a golden, flaky crust. It is an ideal addition to your own Thanksgiving desk!

With the holidays simply around the particular corner, it’s time to start believing about what desserts you would like to serve alongside your meals! You really can not fail with a tasty homemade quiche. A few more incredible recipes to try are this clown cream cake , pistachio cream pie , and coconut cream key lime green pie . They’re many creamy, mouth watering, and so simple to produce!

German chocolate pie in a pie dish with a slice cut out of it.

Coconut Pecan The german language Chocolate Cake Recipe

German chocolate is one of our absolute preferred cake tastes. There’s just something regarding the combination of milky candies and sweet, shredded coconut which is in order to die with regard to! Once i first tried this particular pie I actually was amazed. It’s everything you love about German chocolates cake however in creamy, decadent pie type! (To be honest, I never thought that all anything might be better than traditional A language like german chocolate pastry, but We think this pie experience it beat. )

Honestly, this German candies pie is everything you could want from the piece of food. It’s wealthy and chocolatey while even now being light and comfortable! You’re going to certainly love the custard filling up! And do I mention which the topping is made with shredded coconut, butter, brown glucose, and condensed milk? It’s every delicacy lover’s dream and the ideal remedy for a sweet teeth.

German Dark chocolate Pie Components

Here’s almost everything you’ll require to place this huge good pie together! A language like german chocolate quiche uses a lots of standard cooking ingredients to generate your lifestyle a little easier! Note: specific measurements can easily be found out in the particular recipe cards below.

  • Prepared Pie Brown crust area : You may use a premade crust or even make your own from damage using our recipe here . Notice: since this is the cream quiche and there is no cooking involved, you’ll make sure your crust is blind-baked and never fresh.
  • 9-Inch Pie Pan :   A serious pan is definitely best regarding this formula!


  • Business Potato chips: Provide the custard its perfect chocolatey taste. You can even make use of dark chocolate chips if you would like!
  • Butter : Adds richness and can make the consistency of the filling additional creamy!
  • Sugar : Granulated sugars the actual filling nice and sugary.
  • Cornstarch : Helps the filling solidify.
  • Whole Milk : Adds creaminess and makes the sweet filling nice and smooth.
  • Egg Yolks : Combine all associated with the ingredients together plus make the filling steady and smooth!
  • Vanilla Extract : Vanilla can make everything better! Add some in for a deeper, sweeter flavor.


  • Dark brown Sugar: Intended for smoky, special flavor.
  • Heavy Whipping Cream : Coats the flaked coconut in creamy, fluffy many advantages!
  • Sweetened Condensed Dairy : You understand the treat is great if condensed milk can be an ingredient. This offers flavor plus a creamy structure to the topping!
  • Butter : Adds richness and flavor.
  • Great Egg Yolks : Assist all the topping ingredients in order to bind jointly.
  • Sweetened Coconut Flakes : A must-add regarding that vintage German cocoa flavor!
  • Vanilla Draw out : Use pure vanilla extract when you can for the particular best taste.
  • Salted Pecans : Chopped pecans add a boost associated with flavor and texture. A person can furthermore use cut walnuts if you’d like!

How to Produce German Chocolate Pie

This particular German dark chocolate pie is definitely so simple to make! It is also ideal for making ahead – this provides it sufficient time to chill and established so that you can trim it in to nice, standard pieces!

In order to Make the Filling:

  1. Melt Chocolate plus Butter: Within a micro wave, melt the chocolate plus butter together in 10 to 15 second amounts, stir until smooth.
  2. Prepare Hot Mixture: Within a saucepan, mix sugar and cornstarch, whisk in the particular whole milk, and cook over medium high temperature until thickened and uptempo. Reduce temperature to low and make for an extra 2 minutes, stirring continuously. Remove from heat.
  3. Add Egg Yolks: In an individual bowl combine a little amount of hot blend with egg yolks. As soon as incorporated include the egg cell yolk mix towards the rest of the particular hot mix within your baking pan and beat constantly, bringing to a gentile boil. Combine for just two additional minutes, eliminate from temperature.
  4. Combine: Whisk in your cocoa butter combination and vanilla, stir until well combined. Pour into your baked quiche crust. Allow setup totally before getting the topping on.

To Create the Leading:

  1. Sugar and Cream Mixture: In a small saucepan combine dark brown sugar, large whipping lotion, and sweetened condensed dairy. Bring mixture to the gentle disect over medium heat, mix until sugars has blended. Remove through heat.
  2. Add Egg Yolks: In the separate dish whisk egg cell yolks along with a small amount of very hot mixture collectively, once mixed add it all back directly into the saucepan and come back to the particular stove. Make for 2-3 minutes on medium high temperature, stirring constantly until this thickens. Eliminate from high temperature.
  3. Blend Remaining Ingredients: Add in your vanilla, shredded coconut, and salted pecans. Great for ten minutes then simply pour over the top of your chocolate filling up.
  4. Garnish: (Optional) Best with extra shredded coconut and chopped pecans.
6-photo collage of chocolate custard filling and coconut topping being prepared and added to a baked pie crust.

Additional Guidelines

These are just a couple extra tips on how to customize plus perfect your German candies pie! I realize you’ll like this formula just like much when i have! It is quickly rising in the ranks on my listing of preferred pies.

  • Melt Chocolate Slowly: When burning the cocoa and butter together, make sure to do so in small increments, only 10-15 mere seconds at the same time stirring each time. Burning it too quickly may burn your chocolate.
  • Let the Filling plus Topping Evening chill: Allow your own filling to cool in the refrigerator while preparing the leading so this can established up before you decide to put the topping on. Remember to cool topping to get 10 ant minutes prior to putting it in your cake.
  • Put Flaked Sodium: If you want a salted caramel effect, then add sodium for your topping, to flavor.
  • Use a Heavy Pie Pan : Using a deeper cake pan is best for this formula, if you want to make use of a shallower pan reduce the filling up recipe in half.
  • Make the Homemade Brown crust area: In case you really want in order to take this formula to the next level, try using our grandma’s perfect pie crust recipe! We also possess a post means blind-bake the pie brown crust area, which will be a necessity for any kind of cream-based pies you’ll create this time of year!
  • Change Chocolate Potato chips: This recipe uses milk chocolate chips, if you prefer a less sweet filling you can substitute with regard to semi-sweet or even chocolates, depending upon your requirements.

A slice of German chocolate pie being served with a cake spatula.

Storing Left over spots

This cake stores great covered inside the fridge. It can be made the evening before offering and kept chilled in the fridge until you’re ready in order to serve this!

  • Within the Fridge: Your A language like german chocolate curry can last meant for up in order to 4 times within the fridge. Store within an airtight container or even wrapped in plastic wrap.

Closeup of a slice of German chocolate pie with a bite taken out of it.

Filling up

  • In the microwave, melt the particular chocolate and butter collectively in 10 to 15 second increments, stir until smooth.

  • In a saucepan mix sugars and cornstarch, whisk in the whole dairy and make over medium heat until thickened plus bubbly. Decrease heat to low plus cook designed for an additional 2 minutes, stirring continuously. Remove through heat.

  • In the separate bowl mix a small amount of hot combination with egg cell yolks. Once incorporated add the egg cell yolk mixture to the particular rest of the popular mixture within your pan and beat constantly, bringing to the gentile disect. Mix just for 2 extra minutes, remove from temperature.

  • Whisk within your chocolate butter mixture and vanilla, stir until nicely combined. Put into your baked pie crust. Let setup totally before putting the leading on.


  • Within a small saucepan blend brown sugar, heavy to whip cream, and sweetened condensed milk. Bring mixture to a gentle boil more than medium temperature, stir until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat.

  • In an individual bowl whisk egg yolks and a little bit of hot mix together, once combined add more it every back into the particular saucepan and go back to the stove. Prepare for 2-3 minutes on medium warm, stirring constantly until this thickens. Remove from high temperature.

  • Include your own vanilla, shredded coconut, and salted pecans. Cool to get a couple of minutes then pour over the top of your sweet filling.

  • Optionally available: top with additional disposed coconut plus chopped pecans.

Serves: eight

Calorie consumption 645 kcal (32%) Carbohydrates seventy seven g (26%) Proteins 9 gary the gadget guy (18%) Fat thirty four g (52%) Condensed Fat 22 g (110%) Polyunsaturated Fat 1 g Monounsaturated Fat six g Trans Fat 0. 4 g Cholesterol 206 mg (69%) Sodium 202 magnesium (8%) Potassium 290 mg (8%) Fiber 3 g (12%) Sugar sixty five g (72%) Supplement A 936 IU (19%) Vitamin C 1 mg (1%) Calcium supplements 228 magnesium (23%) Iron 1 mg (6%)

All nutritional information is based on 3rd party computations and is only an calculate. Each recipe and nutritional value will be different depending about the brand names you make use of, measuring strategies and part sizes per household.

Course Dessert

Cuisine United states

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