Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

When you’ve ever noticed dry-aged steaks on the menus of your own favorite steakhouse, quickly associated with the menu, you’ll observe it may cost a person quite a cent to purchase one —  but for the good reason. It’s one of those surprisingly tasty things most meat lovers need with least as soon as (or twice).

Much like you’d age mozzarella cheese to help this create a full-bodied flavor, you can perform the same with quality cuts of beef.   Dry-aging helps make a beef taste much better because  the enzymes in the meat pack in, producing a much more tender meat. Plus, like water comes out of the particular beef during the aging process, the flavor deepens plus becomes more intense.

In order to dry-age a steak, the chef can typically cover a piece of beef with cheesecloth to help absorb the particular moisture reduction from the meat. The gauze-like design of cheesecloth allows air flow to achieve the meat, which usually is an integral part of the drying process,     with out letting it dry up as well much. Without the proper designated fridge space plus air movement, it’s probably best in order to allow professionals dry-age meats; although, is actually doable through home.

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