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Searching for a classic Cranberry Sauce recipe? You’ve discovered it! This particular delicious formula uses basic ingredients and couldn’t become easier to make. You can also prepare it in advance… great for a stress free of charge Thanksgiving, Christmas, or holiday meal!

Closeup of fresh Cranberry Sauce served in a yellow bowl.

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If undoubtedly one Thanksgiving side dish that seems to get neglected, it may definitely the cranberries. Which makes me unfortunate, because I love that tangy sauce a lot!

Let’s face it, vacation meals are a lot of work to prepare. Although it’s the labor of love, it may difficult to resist a shortcut, which is why it should be so appealing to achieve with regard to a can. But refreshing sauce is so much better!

So bypass the can, and help to make this delicious homemade Cranberry Sauce from scratch instead! This recipe is just about as classic plus traditional as it gets, and you only require three simple ingredients and a few minutes to make this.

You won’t be able in order to resist the particular tasty tart-sweet flavor associated with this great tasting sauce. It truly is the perfect counterpart to a heavy holiday dinner!

Ready to start food preparation? Continue reading intended for all the particular details, as well as lots of useful tips and tricks!

A yellow glass bowl filled with the fresh sauce on a marble counter.


The good thing about this recipe? A person only need three elements (four if you count the water) to make it!

  • Cranberries : You’ll require fresh cranberries , associated with course. Look for them inside your grocer’s generate section starting in Oct. Make certain to pick over the berries and give all of them a good rinse before starting. Cold berries will work, too.
  • Sugar : This formula calls pertaining to basic granulated sugar , and it is a must intended for balancing the particular tart berry flavor. Various other sugars and sweeteners may also be used… check out there the Variations section beneath for suggestions.
  • Water – A little water assists create the particular yummy spices and ensures it would not get as well thick.
  • Salt : Adding just a touch of sodium enhances all the other flavors. I recommend using kosher salt .

Incidentally, this formula is naturally vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, and gluten free. It also fairy simple and doesn’t always have any extra ingredients which picky eaters might arrive their noses at… all of which means everybody at your own table may enjoy it!

You’ll Also Need

In order to wash the cranberries, you’ll need a colander or even strainer. These types of fine mesh strainers are usually perfect designed for the task! To cook the particular sauce, you are likely to also need a medium container, preferably 1 with a heavy bottom. This little dutch range is similar to the one I used.

Cranberry Sauce ingredients arranged together on a marble counter.

How in order to Make Cranberry Sauce from the beginning

Making Cranberry Sauce is really much simpler than you’d think! You can expect to find a detailed recipe credit card below, yet here’s an understanding of the particular steps:

  1. Combine ingredients. Begin by incorporating the red grapes, sugar, drinking water, and a pinch of salt in order to your pot. Stir well.
  2. Provide for a boil. Next, accept the ingredients to some boil over high heat. Maintain a close eyes around the spices as it temperatures up, and make certain to mix frequently.
  3. Simmer the particular sauce. When the sauce relates to a steam, reduce the heat to a simmer. Then keep on cooking, stirring frequently, till the cranberries possess softened and many have popped. It ought to take regarding 10 minutes. As it cools, the pectin contained in the berries will naturally thicken the finished spices.

Plus that’s really all there is certainly to this… time to enjoy your amazing fresh Cranberry extract Sauce! Wasn’t that simple?

Tip: If you’re as big of a fan of this sauce when i is, make a double batch! Presently there are so many delicious ways to use left over spots, and I am just sharing plenty of tasty tips beneath.

A photo collage showing how to make Cranberry Sauce step-by-step.


Should you be looking just for a turn on this particular simple recipe, then make sure in order to check out our Cranberry Orange colored Sauce plus Cranberry Relish recipes, as well. Both are usually just as easy to make and much more tasty!

Please experiment with this particular basic Cranberry Sauce recipe, too. They have super simple to zhoosh up by including a good extra ingredient or two:

  • Fruit — Add a chopped apple company or pear, a mug of blueberries, raspberries, or chopped pineapple, or even a handful of dried out fruit, like raisins, cherries, or apricots. Fresh or even candied ginger would also work, and the diced hot pepper (such like a jalapeño or serrano) might be additional for the little sweet high temperature.
  • Nuts – Stir in chopped pecans, walnuts, pistachios, or other nuts close to the finish from the cooking time.
  • Zest – Mix in new orange zest combined with the other ingredients.
  • Juice — Replace several or all of the particular water with orange fruit juice or apple company juice. Make sure to cut the particular sugar in half, too.
  • Spices : Including hot spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, plus allspice offers a fantastic complex flavor.
  • Sweetener – Change the granulated sugar with brown sugars or another sweetener, like honies or maple syrup.
  • More or Less Sweet – A person can simply adjust this particular recipe’s sweet taste by using a lot more or much less sugar. Simply keep in mind that refreshing cranberries are usually very sour, so a person might need more sugars than you think.
  • Sugar-Free — Swap within Splenda, Truvia, or another sugar substitute.
A bowl of the finished recipe and a yellow napkin on a marble counter.

Serving Suggestions

This wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without having this classic sauce, although it’s beautiful at Christmastime, too! Conserve time prior to a huge meal by preparing this recipe three to four days in advance, then serve it alongside your own favorite holiday dishes:

Of course , you couldn’t forget the primary course! Attempt serving this paired along with an exclusive holiday entrée, like  Mushroom Wellington ,   Veggie Pie ,   Mushroom Strudel , Vegetable Wellington , or  Roasted Veggie Tart .


This quick and easy Cranberry Sauce will stay fresh for about one week when saved in a good airtight container in your own refrigerator. You can furthermore freeze leftovers for up to 3 months.

How to Use Left over spots

Have left over sauce? Fortunate you! Assist it more than pancakes or waffles, with Greek fat free yogurt and granola, on poundcake, as a sandwich distributed, and so much more. You can also use it to make this particular Cranberry plus Brie Grilled Cheese , Cranberry Jalapeño Dip , Cranberry Trop cool , and Baked Brie , or serve it with these Leftover Filling Muffins .

A bowl of the homemade sauce on a yellow napkin on a marble counter.

Related Recipes

Searching for a lot more cranberry concepts? You’ll like these excellent recipes, too!

A closeup of the finished recipe served in a yellow glass bowl.

Frequently Inquired Questions (FAQs)

Should cranberry extract sauce end up being served awesome or cool?

Cranberry Spices is typically served with room temperature or cold. Although a person can certainly enjoy this warm, it may best in order to let it great a bit before serving, because the spices will thicken as this cools.

Exactly how do you have the bitterness away from cranberry extract sauce?

When your Cranberry Sauce preferences bitter, mix in a little more sugar whilst still very hot and attempt adding the pinch associated with salt. If the spices has currently cooled, stir in maple syrup or even honey to taste.

Is cranberry spices supposed to be lovely or bitter?

Cranberry Marinade has a sweet-tart flavor. While it should taste sour (try increasing the sugar if this does), it will be has a tangy flavor.

How can you make cranberry sauce thicker?

When your Cranberry extract Sauce is too thin, try cooking it for an extra five minutes. Most of the cranberries must have burst when it’s ready, and the natural pectin in the particular berries will cause the sauce to thicken since it cools.

The reason why did my cranberry sauce not teeth whitening gel?

If your Cranberry Sauce did not solution, you most likely didn’t cook this long enough. Fresh cranberries contain pectin, which usually helps the sauce thicken. Nevertheless , in order intended for the pectin to undertake its job, the particular cranberries need to make softer and burst so these people can launch the pectin. Try cooking food your sauce for one more five minutes or so.

How far ahead can you make cranberry sauce?

You can make homemade Cranberry extract Sauce as much as one week ahead of time. Store it within an airtight container within your refrigerator so it stays new.

A bowl of the finished sauce served next to a wood spoon on a marble counter.
The Cranberry Sauce recipe served in a glass bowl on a marble counter.

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Cranberry extract Sauce

This homemade Cranberry Marinade recipe couldn’t be easier to make or more delicious!

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time fifteen mins

Total Time 20 mins

Course: Sauce

Food: United states

Helpings: 8 individuals

Calories: 116 kcal

Author: Ginnie


  • 1 (12-ounce / 340 gram) handbag cranberries
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • one cup water
  • pinch kosher salt


  • Moderate Pot


  • Pick more than cranberries, after that rinse below running drinking water.

  • Combine red grapes, sugar, drinking water, and sodium inside a moderate pot. Mix well.

  • Provide mixture to a boil over higher heat, stirring frequently.

  • Decrease heat to some simmer, then cook spices until cranberries have softened and mostly burst, stirring frequently (about 10 minutes).

  • Cool spices before portion or refrigerate until prepared to eat. Appreciate!


I prefer to produce this recipe along with fresh cranberries, however freezing berries may also work.
The amount of sugars here is usually adjustable. Making use of 1 complete cup may make the sweeter or less sour sauce. To make use of less, try out starting with ½ cup, and make sure to taste the sauce whilst it’s still hot, in that case add more sugar to meet your choice (stirring good to dissolve). Just keep in mind that the much less sugar you utilize, the a lot more tart and bitter the particular sauce will taste.
Examine out the info just before this formula card intended for step-by-step photos, easy variations, helpful suggestions, serving suggestions, and more!


Calories: 116 kcal

A bowl of homemade Cranberry Sauce on a yellow napkin.

Cranberry Sauce Cranberry Sauce

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