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Convert leftover pie crust straight into perfect buttery and flakey pie crust cookies. Roll and form using fun cookie cutters then just add lovely cinnamon plus sugar.  

We REALLY LIKE pie from our house plus we possess so several favorite tastes that people help to make year-round. I actually always use my Grandma’s pie brown crust area recipe. My kids love this strawberry quiche in the Springtime, plus this chocolates pie for that holidays.

Close view of pie crust cookies on a small stone plate. Cookie cutters and cinnamon sugar are next to the plate.

What Are Pie Brown crust area Cookies?

Simply no more throwing out the more pie crust you have left over! Just roll the particular dough out there and bake it straight into airy plus tender biscuits that dissolve in your mouth. The buttery flakey cookies are sprinkled along with cinnamon and sugar. I actually also love to drizzle comfy cookies using a sweet glaze over. You won’t be capable to cease eating them!

Snacks are my love language! I can eat any cookie, any kind of flavor, any moment of time. Making snacks to talk about with the family plus friends is one of my personal favorite things in order to do. There are some first choice recipes that will never dissatisfy. Try our amazing cream cheese snickerdoodles , these easy no-bake cookies, or even my classic chocolate chip cookies .

Ingredients For the purpose of Easy Cookies

These simple pie crust cookies would be the easiest snacks you is going to ever produce! Four simple ingredients, that is all it takes. All you require is the store-bought crust then you’re spots. You can definitely help make your own cake crust through scratch, but using the particular scraps from leftover curry dough is a win! It makes a lot, so be ready to eat them all. A person will like how fast and very easily these snacks come collectively.

  • Pie Crust : Leftover curry crust can make this easy, but a person can use any quiche crust formula if you make your own.
  • Butter: Dissolved butter adds a more delicious buttery flavor.
  • Sugar: Sugars to include sweet taste because plain pie brown crust area is incredibly tedious.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon provides yummy taste!

Curry Crust Cookies Recipe

Get your kiddos and make these enjoyable pie brown crust area cookies for the holidays or any kind of time of the year! This particular recipe is usually easy to follow and all fits in place quickly. Stick to my easy instructions below for how to make these cookies. They are usually so lovely and tasty!

  1. Preheat Range and Get ready Sheet pan: Preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Make a cooking sheet simply by lining it with parchment paper.
  2. Roll Out there the Cake Crust: Lightly sprinkle flour to the countertop then roll out the pie crust until it’s about ¼ inch heavy.
  3. Reduce Shapes: Trim shapes from the dough using cookie blades , but you can also use a knife to cut if required.
  4. Place Snacks on the Prepared Skillet: Place all of them to the ready sheet pan.  
  5. Repeat Steps: Carry on to gather the leftover crust, roll it jointly into a ball, after that roll this out onto a floured surface again to cut a lot more shapes. Repeat this process until you do not have funds left.
  6. Brush With Butter: Using a pastry brush, clean the melted butter over the top associated with the cake crust forms.  
  7. Sprinkle With Cinnamon and Sugar: In a small bowl mix together the sugar and cinnamon after that sprinkle it evenly across the buttered shapes.
  8. Bake: Make for 8-10 minutes, till cookies are a light fantastic brown. Bake time differs with the particular size associated with your biscuits.
First photo of pie crust cookies cut out in shapes. Second photo of butter and sugar mixture next to the baking sheet of cookies. Third photo of pie crust cookies dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

How in order to Serve Curry Crust Biscuits

These favorite little biscuits are extremely flexible and may be enjoyed within many fun ways! I love to serve them in various ways. Right here are some of our ideas designed for serving pie crust cookies. Everyone will certainly love them!

  • As a Topping: Top any piece of food with pie crust cookies. Along with the pie, glaciers cream, or even pudding would be delicious!
  • Serve Having a Sauce: Drop these biscuits into a caramel or chocolate sauce. But watch out because you won’t have the ability to stop!
  • Cut Into Any Shape: I like making these types of cookies just for every party. Holidays, child showers, the possibilities are endless. We also want to use notice cookie blades to mean my kids’ names along with their cakes!
  • Essence Variations: You can spice them up any way you’d like. Cinnamon sugar is basic, but cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, or allspice are mouth watering additions.

Top view of pie crust cookies on parchment paper.

Storing Leftover Cookies

These types of perfect little cookies great to create in advance. These people are simple to make but just as easy in order to store. I love making a big group of these types of cookies mainly because they are usually perfect for parties and help to make a great deal. My kids like to assist make fun shapes as well as your kids will certainly too!

  • At Area Temperature: Put the cooled cookies in a good airtight container. Store with room temp for about 3 days.  
  • In the Fridge: Leftover quiche crust snacks freeze very well! Place the particular cooled biscuits within an airtight container. Shop in the refrigerator for about three months.  

Close view of pie crust cookies on a small stone plate. A cookie is being lifted off the plate.

  • Preset the cooker to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit (f) and make a baking linen by liner it along with parchment paper.

  • On the lightly floured surface, turns out the pie brown crust area until it’s about ¼ inch thick.

  • Cut styles from the funds using dessert cutters. You can furthermore make use of a cutlery to slice in case needed.  

  • Place them in the ready sheet pan.

  • Always collect the remaining crust, roll it collectively into a ball, then roll it out onto a floured surface area again in order to cut a lot more shapes. You are able to repeat this particular process till you do not have dough still left.

  • Using the basting brush, brush the particular melted butter across the best of the particular pie crust shapes.

  • In a dish mix jointly the sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle it evenly throughout the buttered shapes.

  • Cook for 8-10 minutes, until cookies really are a light fantastic brown. Bake time can differ with the particular size of your biscuits.

Serves: 15

Serving 2 cookies Calorie consumption 86 kcal (4%) Carbohydrates 9 g (3%) Proteins 1 g (2%) Fat 5 g (8%) Over loaded Fat 2 g (10%) Polyunsaturated Fat 0. 4 gary the gadget guy Monounsaturated Fat 2 g Trans Body fat 0. one g Cholesterol 6 mg (2%) Sodium sixty four mg (3%) Potassium 14 mg Fiber one g (4%) Glucose 3 h (3%) Vitamin The 72 IU (1%) Vitamin G 0. 02 mg Calcium 8 magnesium (1%) Iron 0. 3 magnesium (2%)

Almost all nutritional information is dependent on third party calculations and is only an estimate. Every recipe and nutritional value will vary based on the brands you use, calculating methods plus portion different sizes per home.

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