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Title says everything because this particular comeback spices keeps you coming back pertaining to more over and over! It’s tangy, creamy, savory, and can be ideal for making use of like a dip or perhaps a spread.

Don’t waste your hard earned money upon store purchased sauces, you can make them on home along with just a couple pantry staples! Copycat Cane’s spices , Chick-fil-A sauce , and fry sauce are usually just some great tasty recipes to begin off with.

Hero image of comeback sauce in a brown stoneware bowl, being scooped up with a metal spoon.

What is Comeback Spices?

If your own family will be as dip-obsessed as mine, they are usually going to go wild over this recipe. Comeback sauce is certainly a tangy, spicy sinking sauce that will originated in Mississippi. It’s the right combo of mayonaise, ketchup, soup sauce, Worcestershire sauce, plus hot sauce. It’s excellent for dipping fries , chicken tenders , as well as vegetables within. Trust myself, once you try out it, you’ll be hooked and always want in order to have some on hands for the next snack assault!

This return sauce formula is similar to New Orleans remoulade, just take away the mustard and added spices. It whips upward in moments and can have your own family coming back for more! It’s excellent for sinking or also using because a pass on for things such as wraps and burgers. Furthermore, make certain to shop any left over spots! It’s the particular sauce that will never remains away meant for too long, always finding its way back to your plate. Searching for more great tasting homemade dips? Find my full listing of recipes here .

Ingredients for Mississippi Comeback Spices

The elegance of homemade dipping gravies is that you can tweak the flavor just to your liking. This will be the mixture of ingredients I actually used, yet feel free to change things up and make this comeback sauce your personal! If you’re searching for exact measurements, they will can all of be found within the formula card below.

  • Mayonnaise: Functions as a creamy base for that spices.
  • Soup Sauce : I used Heinz chili sauce , but really feel free in order to use your favorite brand! Sriracha may also work as an alternative.
  • Ketchup : Adds flavor along with a touch of sweetness.
  • Honey : I really like adding sweetie since it balances the tastes perfectly.
  • Hot Marinade : I actually usually make use of either Tabasco or Frank’s.
  • Worcestershire Spices : Gives so a lot delicious taste!
  • Seasonings: We added red onion powder and garlic powder snow, you could also add such things as smoked paprika or the pinch of chili dust if you would like this to be spicier.
  • Kosher Salt : Amplify flavor. I favor making use of kosher sodium over table salt since it does not have a sour aftertaste.

How in order to Make Return Sauce in your own home

Making home made comeback sauce is a breeze! Simply mix just about all of your own ingredients together with each other inside a bowl and voila! You have the perfect condiment. It’s the best way to add a little the southern area of flair in order to your following meal. Try it out and make an impression on your close friends and loved ones together with your homemade sauce-making skills.

  1. Combine Components: In a medium bowl, add more the mayonnaise, chili spices, ketchup, honey, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, and sodium. Then beat all of the components together till smooth.
  2. Store: Cover up tightly along with plastic cover, or shop in one more airtight box. Then refrigerate until prepared to provide.
  3. Function: Enjoy with French french fries, chicken strips, being a distribute, or serve as the dip with anything fried!
Collage of sauce ingredients being mixed together.

Adjusting the Flavor

I recommend using the hot sauce with vinegar as well as a cayenne pepper base such as Tabasco or Frank’s with regard to your return sauce. Increase the amount if you would like it spicier! If you have sriracha sauce available, you may also make use of that for a pop of spicy taste.

What to Use Return Sauce Pertaining to

Comeback spices works therefore well meant for a wide variety of elements. It’s an amazing sinking sauce just for chicken nuggets, tenders, deep-fried fish, shrimp, and even more! It’s furthermore ideal for french fries, onion bands, you title it! You can even use this like a greens dressing in the event that you would like to give a pop of savory, hot and spicy flavor to your greens.

Top-down view of comeback sauce served with onion rings.

Storing Left over spots

Be certain to save your leftovers! Comeback sauce is super flexible and helpful to have accessible. I constantly prefer to make use of it using a quick plus easy group of air fryer French fries !

  • In the Refrigerator: Shop comeback sauce in a good airtight jar for 4-5 days. Give it a quick stir before using.

An onion ring being dipped in sauce.

  • In a medium dish, add the mayonnaise, soup sauce, ketchup, honey, sizzling sauce, Worcestershire sauce, red onion powder, garlic clove powder, plus salt. Whisk all associated with the components together till smooth.

  • Cover up tightly along with plastic wrap, or shop in an airtight container. Refrigerate until prepared to serve.

  • Enjoy with french fries, poultry strips, since a spread, or serve as a drop with everything fried!

Serves: eight

Portion 2 tablespoons Calories 159 kcal (8%) Carbohydrates 4 g (1%) Protein 0. 4 g (1%) Fat sixteen g (25%) Over loaded Fat two g (10%) Polyunsaturated Fat nine g Monounsaturated Fat 4 g Trans Fat 0. 04 h Cholesterol 9 mg (3%) Sodium 343 mg (14%) Potassium 40 mg (1%) Dietary fiber 0. one g Glucose 4 h (4%) Vitamin A 62 IU (1%) Vitamin Chemical 2 mg (2%) Calcium 4 mg Metal 0. 2 mg (1%)

All dietary information is founded on third party calculations plus is only an calculate. Each formula and vitamins and minerals will differ with respect to the brands you use, measuring methods plus portion dimensions per household.

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