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Who doesn’t like a cup of tea or coffee with a delicious biscuit? So when it will be a home made biscuit, you not only improve nutrition but also get rid of digestive issues. If you are searching for the homemade biscuit recipe absolutely ideal for beginners and experienced cooks alike, you are inside just the correct place. Let us take a look from some delectable homemade biscuit recipes designed for enjoying your own snack time.  

4 Easy Homemade Biscuit Recipes 

Butter Crunch Biscuits 


200 general motors butter, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 100 gm castor sugar, 175 gm flour, 1 tsp baking natural powder, one great Tbsp cocoa powder, one hundred gm smashed cornflakes, 2 Tbsp chopped nut products


First, preset the cooker to 175 degrees Chemical. Then take a good sized bowl plus prepare the cream with the butter, vanilla essence, and sugar together. Now include other ingredients. Take greased baking bed sheets and location a spoonful on each sheet.

Cook the biscuits within the preheated oven for about 12-15 minutes or until becomes cooked through. Remove through the oven plus wait with regard to the great from the cookie. Your home made butter crunch biscuits are usually ready in order to enjoy with loved ones.  

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Khari cookie


three hundred gm flour, 150 gm unsalted butter, to taste Salt, since needed water


First, take a dish and put flour, salt and water with each other and make a chapati dough. You need to put the particular dough in rest wrapping it inside a damp cloth. The butter that you will use has to an with room temperature and make sure that it’s not really too hard or even too soft. Divide the particular butter straight into 4 the same parts, make a square size ruti with the particular dough, plus put every butter obstruct in the particular middle of each ruti.

Then collapse the ruti and provide them a sq . size paratha shape plus rest within the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Stick to the same exact process three times and then cut the ruti straight into rectangle form pieces. Bake the Khari Biscuit inside the preheated oven with 170 degrees for 15-16 minutes. Make sure the biscuits become golden dark brown in colour. Let the biscuit cool and revel in.  

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Naankhatai Biscuit


500 G Ghee, five hundred grams associated with Fat, 1 kg of sugar, 750 grams associated with Wheat flour, 250 g Gram flour, 10 grams of Cardamom natural powder


First, take a bowl and prepare a cream along with ghee, fat, and iced sugar. Combine the sleep of the particular ingredients plus mix well together. Help to make individual paintballs with 18 grams associated with the mix. Preheat the oven to180°C. Now make the tennis balls for about 18-20 minutes or until they reach to golden brown colour. Your scrumptious and crispy biscuits are ready to enjoy.  

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Drop Cookies


two cups  flour, 2 ½ teaspoons  baking powder, ½ teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons  sugar, ¾ tsp salt, 8 tablespoons  butter, a single cup buttermilk or milk products


Initial, prepare the oven to 400 levels F. plus also prepared the baking sheet with parchment paper.  

Meanwhile mix together flour, baking natural powder, baking soda, sugar, plus salt properly. Take another bowl plus mix good the melted butter and buttermilk. Continue stirring till butter forms small clumps.

Make the hole inside the flour mixture plus pour the buttermilk mix into that hole. Blend politely plus gently having a rubber spatula as prolonged as they are incorporated. Guarantee the batter is in the proper consistency and pulls apart from the particular sides wall space of the bowl.

Today take regarding 1/4 glass quantity of batter and fall it onto the prepared baking sheet. Perform the same exact process until the batter is completed. Bake them 

until the particular top components of each biscuit turn out to be golden brown and crisp. You may need about 10- a quarter-hour to cook the cookies.  

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Cocoa Gravy

A cookie can end up being your best choice in the morning or night time. And candies gravy can make your biscuit much more enjoyable. Especially kids, who have don’t take tea or coffee can eat cookies having a yummy chocolate gravy.


⅓ cup (39. 33g) cocoa, 3 tablespoons (30g) all-purpose flour, ¾ cup (150g) granulated sugars, ½ tsp (2. 5g) salt, one 12-ounce evaporated milk, 2 tablespoons (28g) unsalted butter, softened, 2 teaspoons (8. 4g) vanilla extract.


First, take a bowl and place together cacao powder, flour, granulated glucose, and salt. Whisk them well in order to mix correctly.   Then simply gradually combine warm milk products with the mixture stirring continuously in order to combine properly.  

At this point take a pan plus cook the mixture more than medium temperature. Make sure you stir the mixture frequently. Provide down the heat as shortly as this boils. Cook for about 8-10 a few minutes over lower heat till the mixture becomes clean and solid consistency like gravy.  

Then take away the stove and mix butter and vanilla extract in to the mixture. You need to combine the mixture until the butter will be melted.

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Bottom Line

Cookies are great snacks meant for taking with tea or coffee. It is a savior for those who are looking with regard to a simple treat strategy to dealing with loved ones plus guests. Not really all biscuits are suitable for children plus adults as they can damage the stomach health insurance and digestive function process. Home made biscuits are healthier and more nutritious.

So considerably, we now have talked about some easy homemade cookie recipes . These mouth-watering biscuits may make your own snack period cozy and enjoyable along with family members. You can also entertain your visitor by offering your home made biscuits.  

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