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Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn

Accept the county reasonable home with this easy and delicious homemade kettle corn recipe.

Every single kernel is so nice and crunchy, you won’t want in order to share!

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Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn

As a self-confessed dessert addict, I like sweet snack foods much better than tasty. That’s why I favor caramel corn more than salted, and kettle corn over buttered.

So , you can just imagine how excited I had been to try out this recipe!

This pot corn is definitely so much tasty, in fact it is shockingly easy to make.

Ready to fall within love? Let’s get poppin’!

Homemade Pot Corn Formula

I don’t overstate when I say this homemade kettle corn is just as epic seeing that the ones sold with county fairs.

It’s lovely, crunchy, and beautifully golden. Every aspect is upon point, from your look plus aroma towards the flavor and texture.  

And indeed, it’s absurdly easy to make! In fact, when you realize exactly how simple it really is, you’ll never buy a bag of kettle corn again.

This particular recipe only requires 3 ingredients – unpopped snacks, sugar, and oil. And the whole process will not take more than 15 minutes!

It’s the ideal sweet snack to satisfy midnight cravings.

What is Pot Corn?

Kettle hammer toe is a sweet variety of snacks that was once made in cast iron kettles. Now it’s a classic condition fair treat with the sweet and crisp glucose coating.   Kettle corn usually has a gently sweet plus salty taste achieved by adding oil, salt, plus sugar in order to the pot as this cooks.

You’ll discover this recipe doesn’t include salt. So it’s obviously sweet plus not salty.

That mentioned, you are able to completely add salt towards the combine if you love! You’ll want about 1/4 tsp for each 2 tablespoons associated with sugar.

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Or even, use dark brown sugar rather of whitened and get this to more caramelly. Heck, add the salt, too, and it’ll be like salted caramel popcorn!

Kettle Corn Ingredients: Oil, popcorn kernels, sugar


  • Essential oil – Make use of any oil with the neutral flavor as well as a higher smoking point, like veggie, avocado, peanut, and canola.
    • In case you choose coconut essential oil, be certain it’s processed! Unrefined coconut oil can leave the subtle coconut flavor.    
  • Popcorn Kernels – use any good-quality brand of unpopped popcorn.
    • Be sure the particular kernels are usually still clean. Old kernels won’t be as large and cozy when popped.
  • Glucose – Traditional kettle corn calls for regular white colored, granulated glucose, but you can also experiment with additional sweeteners.
    • Brown sugar can give your popcorn the deeper caramel flavor. Turbinado will make it the little bit healthier.

Optional Component: Salt !

Because mentioned, kettle corn is usually sweet plus salty. If you like this traditional, move ahead and add kosher salt along with the sugar.

Just how to Help to make Kettle Hammer toe

one. Prepare the particular pot and preheat the particular oil.

You’ll want to use the large, heavy-bottomed pot meant for this formula, and there are two reasons why:

  • The kernels need a great deal of room to pop.
  • You don’t wish to burn the sugar.

Preheat the particular oil in the pot over medium warmth.

To check, sprinkle a little bit of water in to the oil (sprinkle means a few tiny falls from your own fingers, not really a spoonful! ).

If this sizzles upon contact, the particular oil can be hot enough for popcorn popping.

second . Include the snacks and pay attention.

Put the kernels to the pot and shut the lid. Then, listen carefully intended for the initial few pops.

Once you hear all of them, add the particular sugar (and salt, in case using) plus mix.

This method is vital to hold the glucose from burning!

Corn kernels take time to put. So , when you combine the sugar too early, it will most likely burn.

Others furthermore recommend the particular 3-kernel method: add three or more kernels initial, await them to pop nicely, and after that add the rest associated with the kernels along with the sugars.

I haven’t tried that technique however, but I actually imagine it’ll work well.

several. Shake the particular pot.

Once the particular kernels and sugar are in, near the lid and tremble the container vigorously.  

This is another crucial step in pot corn making!

This ensures each popcorn piece is covered with special caramel and prevents the sugar through burning.

Hold shaking the whole pot until the particular popping slows down in order to about 1 pop per 2-3 secs. Once preparing, turn away the heat.

Carry on to move the pot unless you simply no longer hear any going.

4. Let this cool.

Pour the kettle corn into a huge bowl or parchment-lined cooking sheet and let cool for 5 mins.

Provide the kernels a good stir plus break out large clusters, if you will find any.

As well, don’t really feel too unhealthy if some kind of kernels are really a minimal burnt ~ it’s bound to arise. Just get them out and about, along together with unpopped kernels, before serving.


Sweet and Salty Kettle corn

Tricks and tips when it comes to the Greatest Kettle Corn

  • The whole pot carries to turn out to be heavy-bottomed to help ensure this sugar chefs evenly and that this doesn’t burn up. Also, utilize a pot big enough for your kernels to be able to pop around.  
  • Don’t use the kernels until the oil based is boiling enough. An individual can implement a quick investigate by scattering some water in to the dope. If it sizzles, it is ready to go.
  • Shake vigorously! This is actually the key element to ensuring each kernel is normally coated through sugar.
  • Don’t hold out for the final popcorn for you to pop before you turn off the warmth, or you’ll lose the prepared kernels. Rather, take those cookware off the heat once the popping decelerates. The particular unpopped kernels will even pop because of the extra heat.
  • Be convinced to take out any unpopped kernels. Gnawing on into a particular unpopped nucleus is serious and severe on your own teeth. And additionally unfortunately, when making kettle corn, they will stick to be able to the carbohydrates rather compared to sink for you to the trust.
    • The best way to check for uncooked kernels would be to dump it out onto a baking sheet.
  • If your personal popcorn spun out chewy and not even crunchy, it could be almost certainly considering that the lid was as well tight over the pot. The next time, crack the lid a little to give the water vapor space to escape.
  • Laundry the jar between pots if generating a lot. This removes leftover sugar consumption that’s very likely to burn.
  • Concerning easy cleanup, pour burning soapy tap water into the exact pot . The water might melt not to mention dissolve typically the hardened carbohydrates very quickly. In cases where the cannabis was permitted to cool, just pop it back on the exact heat.

Flavor Adaptations and Additions 

Kettle corn is ideal because it is undoubtedly, but you are getting to have an even more delightful break if a person add the own disregard to this. Try an individual or additional of these tips:

  • Scatter some salt to get a sweet-n-salty contrast from flavors.  
  • Ensure it is sweeter with M& M’s, dark chips , and minor marshmallows .
  • For the pure and hot and spicy snack, crossstitching in a little bit of Sriracha .
  • Add cinnamon for some warm, Christmas-y flavor.
  • Take advantage of brown suscrose for any more intense caramel style.
  • Add in a bunch of chopped walnuts for included crunch.
  • Need a level simpler popcorn-making method? Try micro wave popcorn ! The only unappealing part is this won’t caramelize the sugar as perfectly as the particular stovetop approach.

Sweet and Salty Kettle corn

The right way to Keep Kettle Corn

To help Store

Regarding just about any leftovers, which inturn is remarkably unlikely, store them within an airtight limites . They’ll stay hott at room temperature for just two to a few weeks .  

Retailer kettle corn in some dark, arid, and magnificent place.

When the diet programs has lost its recession, crisp often the kernels back up by just popping these people in your oven. Prepare food for beş minutes during 250 degree programs Fahrenheit.

To Deep freeze

Crafted a significant batch about popcorn? Retail store the kernels in this freezer! Tightened kettle hammer toe will keep perfectly for up to a couple of weeks.

Basically place your kernels found in an waterrepellant freezer-safe pouch and frost nova.  

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Cool Kettle Hammer toe Recipe (+ Easy Snack Idea)




Prep time



Cooking period


a few minutes




Bring this county fair home utilizing this simple delicious treatments kettle hammer toe recipe. Each kernel is so sweet plus crunchy, you won’t wish to share!


  • 1/4 mug 1/4 and fruit oil

  • 0.5 cup 1/2 unpopped quality diets kernels

  • 0.25 cup 1/4 granulated glucose


  • Preheat essential oil in a large vessel over carrier heat. Bring the quality diets and complete the menesteres.
  • Once you hear the number one pop, elevation the menesteres and running in typically the sugar. Consequently, put your lid spine on together with shake the pot constantly to remain the sugars from destroying.
  • Once the popcorn slows along to 1 within 2 little time, turn off typically the heat. Keep on shaking the pot until all of the popping quits.
  • Pour avoir mis en ligne the snacks into a large sink and permit it very good for 5 minutes, stirring usually to escape down great clusters.

Kettle Corn

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