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Poultry liver is such an underrated ingredient, affordable and packed with healthy minerals and vitamins.

That’s precisely why we chose to compile this particular list associated with the best Chicken Liver Tested recipes that you should test!

You’ll discover a huge variety of dishes here, including delicious mains, masses pleasing appetizers, and extremely simple on pot foods.

Cook your own way via these great chicken liver recipes. Plus when you are dine, let us know your faves!

Chicken Liver Recipes:

one Fried Chicken Livers

Let us start our list associated with chicken liver recipes along with the traditional Fried Poultry Livers.

This Southern style associated with cooking yields perfectly crispy breading and tender, succulent liver. You just require to follow along with some guidelines to make them perfect each time. Enjoy…

Get the particular Recipe @ thewickednoodle

two. Chicken Liver Stew along with Peas & Mushrooms

Many of us know poultry livers just for frying and taking pleasure in as the side meal, but you can make a delicious main dish with this Chicken Liver Stew with Peas and Mushroom formula.

It is an excellent stew using a reddish wine spices base and various other simple substances. which create it extremely tasty.

This pocket-friendly dish is certainly a great hearty dinner, and gets ready within under 30 minutes. It’s a must-try recipe.

Get the Recipe @ krumpli

3. Chicken Liver with Onion and Spice up

Now, provide your poultry liver a few Chinese flavors with this particular Chicken Liver with Red onion and Peppers recipe!

This amazing dish is certainly made making use of flavorful gravies and crispy peppers and onions. It is just too good.

Altogether much more a fan dish that is healthy and affordable, and delivers the very best of the best flavors. It’s an excellent change to your routine meals for sure.

Obtain the Recipe @ omnivorescookbook

4. Liver Adobo

This particular iconic Philippine dish, Liver organ Adobo, is simply outstanding, with a tangy, savory adobo sauce that makes it a lot more delicious.

It’s the tasty meal with tons of health advantages that you can’t miss.

Obtain the Recipe @ foxyfolksy

5. Poultry Liver along with Bacon & Mushroom Spices

This Chicken Liver along with Bacon and Mushroom Sauce recipe will be your family’s new favorite sautéed dish.

The caramelized onions along with salted sausage and mushroom sauce get this to dish totally divine.

This one-pan dish is certainly super simple to generate plus can be relished for breakfast with a few toast, or served over mashed potatoes for any excellent dinner.

Obtain the Recipe @ munchkintime

6. Braunschweiger

Braunschweiger is a The german language sausage made from the liver. It is certainly perfectly spiced and smoked cigarettes.

These sausages flavor great and can be eaten in lots of different methods. The recipe is a little challenging, however the results are therefore worth it.

Have the Formula @ honest-food

7. Sage and Chicken Liver Ragu

Make an amazing Italian night at home with this great recipe, Sage and Poultry Liver Ragu.

It’s super simple and fast to make, but it preferences so fancy and delicious, just like you are eating in a few of popular Italian eating place.

It is certainly one of the favorite chicken liver quality recipes.

Obtain the Recipe @ iamafoodblog

6. Spicy Poultry Liver Smolder

If you are keen on Indian flavors, a person are going to enjoy this Spicy Chicken Liver organ Fry!

This Indian-style recipe will make your liver organ super tasty with the exotic spices or herbs, that makes it completely irresistible. Prepare to sensitive perfection plus serve along with rice to make the delicious meal.

Obtain the Formula @ myheartbeets

9. Laku Chicken Livers

Searching for budget-friendly recipes which usually are easy and tasty too? Then a person have discovered the perfect Laku Chicken Liver recipe.

This outstanding dish is made with onion, garlic, tomato paste, white wine, and lots of incredible spices in order to create a super particular meal.

Obtain the Formula @ whereismyspoon

10. Poultry Liver Pate

Planning in order to entertain? After that do consider this Poultry Liver Begleiter for an easy and delicious appetizer.

This home made pate can be full of amazing flavors from parsley, sage, capers, and garlic. You can serve this with crackers or crostini, and create everyone super happy.

Have the Recipe @ insidetherustickitchen

11. Sauteed Chicken Livers in Whitened Wine Spices

Sautéed dishes are a breeze to create, and Chicken Livers within White Wine Sauce is a good example.

This creamy deliciousness is made with easy components, and the flavors are totally mind-blowing. It’s a great weeknight dinner option that will get ready in less than 30 mins.

Obtain the Formula @ lowcarbspark

12. Poultry Liver Curry

One more delicious Indian recipe just for you in order to try is certainly Chicken Liver organ Curry.

This tasty dish is definitely made by just sautéing liver organ, onions, and tomatoes, then simmering in the creamy sauce with fragrant spices. Function it with rice or naan, and enjoy a satisfying meal in only 30 minutes.

Get the Formula @ savaskitchen

13. Unclean Rice

Men, you will add this Filthy Rice formula to your preferred side dishes collection.

This hot and spicy, meaty grain is full associated with Cajun seasoning, chicken liver organ, and surface beef, along with additional great ingredients that get this to dish smashing.

You will utterly really like this New Orleans classic.

Obtain the Recipe @ spicysouthernkitchen

fourteen. Chopped Liver

Now this particular Chopped Liver recipe is usually an authentic Jewish formula that is certainly great offered as the holiday appetizer.

It is made out of traditional ingredients such as schmaltz and gribenes, which taste simply outstanding and ensure it is super special. It’s a must-try recipe to get all poultry liver fans.

Obtain the Recipe @ toriavey

15. Moroccan Chicken Livers along with Tomato Spices

Guys, give your much loved chicken liver organ an exotic makeover with this excellent Moroccan Chicken Liver with Tomato Sauce recipe!

This incredible cooking technique can make the particular chicken liver perfectly juicy and sensitive, and the home made tomato spices takes the dish to next level of success.

All of us bet it can be one of your top chicken liver organ recipes.

Get the particular Recipe @ keeshaskitchen

16. Chicken Liver Skewers With Balsamic Onions & Offers a Chard

In case it’s barbecuing season, you have to accomplish this Chicken Liver Skewers with Balsamic Onion and Rainbow Chard recipe.

The scrumptious mixture of grilled chicken liver organ served along with perfectly caramelized sweet plus tangy balsamic onions together with vibrant veggies causes this dish fantastic.

Get the Recipe @ cookedandloved

17. Air Fryer Chicken Livers

Air Fryer Chicken Livers is a completely magical formula. This easy meal will get ready within just 10 minutes, and this taste absolutely delicious.

It’s a great recipe to try with your brand new trendy cooking area gadget.

Get the Recipe @ savorandsavvy

18. Chicken Liver Meatballs

Aiming to eat something healthy but different? Then consider making poultry Liver Meatballs.

These types of homemade liver meatballs flavor so delicious, and they have a wonderful sauce. Give them a go!

Obtain the Recipe @ reallifeofpie

19. Bacon Wrapped Poultry Livers

Sausage Wrapped Poultry Livers will be your new favorite bite-sized appetizer, because they are delicious plus super easy in making.

The flavor combination of salty bacon plus juicy chicken liver create this dish super delicious. It requirements only 2 ingredients and can be on your table in less compared to half an hour.

Obtain the Formula @ dishesdelish

20. Chicken Liver plus Bacon Salad

Let’s end our exclusive list associated with Chicken Liver Recipes along with the greatest Chicken Liver organ and Sausage Salad formula.

It is easy to make and full of tasty flavors plus ingredients. This elegant greens is excellent to impress your family plus friends, and can whip upward in just half an hour.

Get the Recipe @ deliciousmagazine

So generally there you decide to go, 20 interesting and delicious chicken liver quality recipes. They’re all so great! Which one will you try initial?

Save or even pin this collection associated with great quality recipes so you at all times know where to find it. Plus be certain to subscribe in order to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up brand new easy dishes for a person!

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This particular collection of easy Poultry Liver Tested recipes will help you make the many of this budget pleasant and nutritional packed meals!


  • chicken livers
  • other components vary simply by recipes


  1. choose a formula that appears good
  2. collect ingredients
  3. prepare your brand new favorite poultry liver recipe!

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