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Canned Pie Filling Recipes
Canned Pie Filling Recipes
Canned Pie Filling Recipes

From espresso cake plus creamy cheesecake to fudgy brownies plus crumble bars, these discontinued pie filling recipes are certified crowd-pleasers.

Because “pie filling” can perform so a lot more than simply make pie!

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A Slice of Cherry Pie with Walnuts

Don’t misunderstand me – I love quiche!

But whenever you’ve got some thing sweet, fruity, and pre-made, why restrict yourself?

Add cherry cake filling to brownies or blueberry quiche filling to cheesecake, and you’ve produced a simple sweet twice as delicious.

Therefore , whether you’re searching for an ideal party delicacy or the simple late-night snack, these canned curry filling dishes are guaranteed to satisfy your sugary tooth!

20+ Easy Desserts to Make Using Quiche Filling (That Aren’t Quiche! )

Fruit greens is really a colourful and enjoyable dish intended for any celebration or holiday  dessert.

But instead of simply chopping fruit and throwing it within a bowl, perhaps you should give this a bit more oomph?

Peach pie filling can make this fresh fruit salad actually sweeter within the best way possible. This coats every thing in the dish, making it shiny and alluring.

It’s fruity and refreshing with an enjoyable twist! Everyone will want the recipe intended for this fruit salad.

Home made apple cake is a good American traditional . The sweet, cinnamon-flavored apples are delicious plus the flaky crust simply can’t be beat.  

Using apple company pie filling from a can will be just since wonderful as using new apples. The main difference: it saves so much time!

Semi-homemade is certainly still homemade in the book, so this recipe is perfect for any kind of holiday gathering.  

You can’t beat this stunning crescent ring if you need something huge and stunning for brunch or guide club.

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With all the two fillings, it’s like yummy cheesecake wrapped up in flaky dough.

Just mix cream cheese, glucose, and almond extract, after that spread it over the dough. Best it along with strawberry cake filling , wrap this up, plus bake until golden.

Exactly how easy is that?

I feel not joking once i tell you just how fantastic these are.  

Using their buttery brown crust area, jammy cherry pie filling, and wonderful crumble on top, they’re our go-to fast bake.

Make these to get a party, plus they’ll take off the particular plate.

Naturally , they’re good for three to four days…not that will they’ll final that long!

These spiced pubs are ideal for when you wish apple cake but don’t have you a chance to bake one particular.  

You probably have most of the ingredients inside your pantry or even refrigerator already, and there is no finicky pie bread to deal with.

Spiced apples using a buttery shortbread crust is about as delicious as the fall delicacy gets.

Within fact, you and your family might actually prefer this over apple company pie. Therefore get ready to make this a lot!

Peach hand pies are so spectacular, it’ll end up being hard to believe you produced these in home.  

Not only are they cute and portable, however they taste better yet than they look. And it’s the glaze over that takes these hand pies up like 7 notches.  

Between your spiced peaches and sweet glaze over using a flaky crust, they’re totally drool-worthy.  

Bowl of Cherry Cobbler with Ice Cream and Cherries

Cobbler only actually differs through a ‘crisp’ recipe in the topping. Where one is usually filled with rolled oats and has the crispy texture, the other is sensitive and nearly fluffy.

That’s cobbler with regard to you! Special, warm fruit pie filling up covered inside a yummy, biscuit-like topping.

This recipe is regarding as simple as it gets. You only need three substances and regarding a few minutes of your period.

After that, it is to the oven to perform the particular heavy raising.

And do not worry, no one will even know (or care) that you utilized canned cake filling.   All they will value is getting another helping!

Baked apple pie roll-ups are ideal for these nights when you’re wanting something special after a long day.  

After simply a couple of minutes of prep period, they’re prepared for the oven.

Best these cinnamon-sugar coated treats with some your favorite ice cream plus caramel spices for any sweet which will satisfy any sugary tooth within a flash.

It’s sugars and essence and almost everything nice! This particular lovely apple company crumble is certainly all you could want within a delicacy and more.  

It is fruity but not sickeningly sweet. It has a wonderful crumble leading, but it is not dried out.  

Plus, it’s amazing served at room temperatures or nice and warm having a scoop associated with ice lotion. Yum!  

What’s better than new apple pie? Portable refreshing apple quiche, of course!

If holiday shopping provides you on the go, you may have your own pie and eat it, too, thanks to this particular recipe.  

Filled along with delicious spiced apples plus covered in a lovely glaze, these types of hand pies are usually a hit!

I am sure you’ve had pumpkin pie . But have got you ever had this like this?  

These amazing pumpkin cake bars begin with a dreamy home made crust. Onto that, you will add the layer of yummy pumpkin pie filling up.

Top this off with a heavenly cinnamon streusel, and it is ready designed for the party.

My personal favorite factor about making use of canned pumpkin pie filling up ? A person can discover everything yr long.  

Whenever you can look beyond the somewhat major name, get rid of cakes are some of the easiest desserts you ever make!

Begin with canned cherry pie filling up and then sprinkle encased cake combine on the top.

Pertaining to a small extra flavor, mix several almond or vanilla get with the particular melted butter.  

Put that flavoured butter on top plus stick it in the oven. That’s exactly where the magic happens!

Remember this doesn’t need to be stirred! If a person do, it’ll still be tasty, this just won’t possess the exact same layers.

Blueberry pie is usually one associated with my favorite fruit pies ever. I just like the dark, jammy berries and deep taste.  

Yet I furthermore adore cheesecake (okay, I am obsessed! ).

So , through the Graham Cracker brown crust area to the particular heavenly cheesecake filling and blueberry filling top, this blueberry cheesecake pie is definitely perfect pertaining to me.

It is just therefore, so great. Rely on me, you’ll love it too.  

Apple cake dumplings are usually one associated with the greatest desserts you can make with only two components.  

Yes, two!

They are kid plus adult pleasant and the ideal after-dinner treat.

The important thing is in order to find a actually good apple pie filling. For instance, get a caramel apple or even one with lots of cinnamon.  

You can also add your own personal bonuses like nuts or raisins. Ensure it is your own, or keep it simple. This dish is definitely lovely, no matter exactly what.  

Puff pastry apple pies are simply the ticket with regard to your following party. They’re a great grab-and-go treat and the right dimension for one particular or 2 bites.

You’ll use frozen puff pastry here. And as an expert baker, We can’t say this often enough: homemade isn’t really worth the effort!

I am aware exactly how that sounds, but if a person get the good brand name, these will certainly be incredible.

And I promise simply no one know the distinction ! So save yourself a few time (literally, it requires days in order to make correct puff pastry) and get the pre-made stuff.

Your arms will thank a person!

Cherry cream cheese quiche is really a simple dessert that will requires minimal baking but provides optimum satisfaction.  

The creamy, tangy cheesecake filling is certainly splendid, as well as the cherries at the top are …well, the particular cherry on top!  

I love the delicious combination of creamy plus fruity tastes. And the designs are on stage too.

Merely informed you this entire cake only demands three ingredients, you might look at me personally like I had chocolate on our face.

I actually probably perform after consuming an item of this, but that’s not the point!

This delicious chocolate cherry wedding cake is incredibly moist plus super tasty. The cherries inside are a pleasant shock and maintain the chocolate bars from being too wealthy.  

Espresso cake is definitely meant to be eaten with coffee, so I can consume this one for breakfast, correct?

I love to call this formula semi -homemade due to the fact you’ll make the wedding cake from scuff, however the blueberry pie filling up is store-bought.

Not that will anyone will certainly care! It is sweet, succulent, and filled with fruity flavors.

Based on your disposition or maybe the occasion, you may also swap the blueberry for a various fruit filling.  

Cherry pie biscuit cups are usually the cutest little goodies. They’re ideal for a masses as well as a wind in making!

They only take about five minutes to prep, and they’ll disappear even faster. You’ll require sugar biscuit dough and cherry curry filling – that’s it.  

Best it with a sweet (optional) glaze, and these are like yummy thumbprint cookies on split!

Blueberry sharp is the spectacular sweet – specifically considering how easy this is.  

The jammy blueberries would be the perfect base for a buttery crumble topping.   All that’s missing is certainly some vanilla your favorite ice cream!

This doesn’t obtain a lot better than that.  

Tart, citrusy desserts are therefore refreshing during the summer. And when they’re this particular simple to create, they’re utterly dangerous.

Made with encased cake blend and a few lemon curry filling, it really couldn’t be more effortless.

One particular bite of this rich and creamy, dreamy, high-class cake, plus you’ll end up being hooked!

Between your soft bread and special berry filling, these are usually the perfect method to begin your day time.

Don’t get worried, though, there is no requirement to clutter around with yeast! Rather, this formula calls for a simple blend that’s half biscuit, fifty percent cookie.

So it’s gentle and buttery but company enough to hold everything incredible blueberry pie filling up.

Best them with a tasty lemon glaze over, and get ready to along with love. Seriously, they’re so good, you won’t want to share.

Apple pie cupcakes are usually an excellent option pertaining to any drop party or even apple lover’s birthday.  

They have sliced up apple quiche filling in the middle, and they’re super moist. The particular cinnamon buttercream is therefore unique plus tasty too.  

No matter the particular occasion, these apple quiche cupcakes is going to be adored simply by all!

So what do you obtain in case you mix angel foods cake with blueberry cake filling, vanilla pudding, whole milk, sour cream, and Cool Whip?

This particular heaven-on-earth blueberry cake!

It is kind of like the trifle within that you will cube angel food wedding cake and coating it along with blueberry filling and rich and creamy pudding.

It’s gentle, sweet, rich and creamy, and super fruity. Also could a person want in a sweet?

How perform you make chocolate rant brownies better yet? Add a few sweet cherries to the blend!

If you like Black Forest cake, you’ll enjoy these brownies! They’re chewy, rich, and filled with fruity goodness.

Much better yet, all you require is a boxed brownie combine, a can of cherry pie filling, eggs, essential oil, and chocolates chips.

Plus, you don’t have to utilize cherries. Discontinued blueberry or even strawberry cake filling will be incredible here too!

25 Best Ways to Use Canned Pie Filling

25 Greatest Ways to Use Canned Pie Filling up

Through coffee dessert and rich and creamy cheesecake in order to fudgy brownies and crumble bars, these types of canned pie filling recipes are qualified crowd-pleasers.



  • Select your favorite formula.
  • Manage all the required substances.
  • Preparation a delicious canned pie filling formula in thirty minutes or even less!

Canned Pie Filling Recipes

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