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A essential portion of Japanese cuisine will be a steaming bowl of  miso soup. Hearty plus comforting, miso soup could be eaten along with breakfast, your meal. And whilst it’s  pretty simple to generate miso soups from scrape, frozen foods company  Nichirei Foods  lately posted the recipe for an easy-to-make miso soup ball that could be frozen for  instant, homemade miso soup anytime you desire.


For your standard plate of miso soup, you require only  5 ingredients.



  • Miso paste
  • Bonito flakes
  • Dried seaweed
  • Green onions
  • Dried  fu  (wheat bran)

Want all the best dishes, this recipe doesn’t use exact dimensions because of its ingredients; instead you can simply add as much or less than you’d want to get the particular taste that will best matches you. Should you be not the fan associated with bonito flakes, you are able to replacement some dashi stock rather.


Increase all of the components to some dish and mix unless you get an insert, and after that take a heap and move it up into a ball. Put the particular ball directly into some hang on to film/saran cover, and you are done.


The golf ball can be refrigerated for up to the week, or even frozen for approximately a 30 days. When you are within the disposition for a few miso soup, just unwrap the ball, put it in a bowl, put hot water at the top and…


. ta da!   You have the tasty bowl of home made miso soups!

While it might take the little bit more preparation than immediate miso soups packets you can buy in supermarkets, one great aspect about these miso soup golf balls is that will they lend themselves to  all types of customisations, and are usually a  great way to utilise any left over spots you might have hanging about inside your fridge. Nichirei has even made a listing of ingredients they will recommend adding to your miso soup pool balls, like grated yam, sakura shrimp, shiso leaves, and pickled veggies — generally, anything that is okay to get cold.

So why not try out experimenting with different ingredients plus make your own primary miso soup recipe? You may discover the new taste combination you’ve never idea to consider before. Here are three primary SoraNews24 miso soup lite flite we flavor tested and gave the stamp of approval to. If you’re stuck regarding inspiration, give our projectiles a go.

1 ) Myoga, shiso and ginger miso soup



  • Miso paste
  • Bonito flakes
  • Myoga   (Japanese ginger)
  • Shiso leaves
  • Ginger

The combination of  myoga , shiso leaves and ginger gives this particular miso soup a zingy, refreshing taste, and is definitely not the same as your own usual run-of-the-mill miso soups.

two. Shibazuke pickle miso soups



  • Miso insert
  • Bonito flakes
  • Shibazuke pickles
  • Green red onion

The particular stars of this miso soup are the shibazuke pickles, which are usually eggplants that will are pickled with ume plum vinegar and crimson shiso results in. A well-known dish from Kyoto, the particular sharp acidity from the shibazuke pickles will go surprisingly well with the minor, familiar taste of the miso.


The particular shibazuke pickles also work as a tasty concealed surprise, as they don’t float on the particular surface such as the green onions do.

3. Shibazuke pickle miso soup



  • Miso paste
  • Bonito flakes
  • Dried out kelp shavings
  • Umeboshi (salted Japanese plum)
  • Japanese leek

For days when a person don’t have much of an appetite, this miso soups ball is perfect. It’s heated and comforting, and it’s a great way in order to consume any kind of dried kelp you might have lying down around, which is  high in anti-oxidants.


Do not be put off in case a lot of these types of ingredients are hard in order to get your hands on where you are usually, as possible throw  whatever substances you might have lying down around  directly into your miso soup basketball. Be innovative! Just since long since it’s freezer-friendly, go nut products.


1 helpful tip when creating your own miso tennis balls would be to seal off them upward with some masking tape. It can make them easier to get even right after you’ve ice-covered them, plus it’s the great chance to use a few cute hiding tape. Similarly, it’s a smart idea to put your own miso projectiles into the ziplock just before you freeze out them, so they don’t fail to find a way out amongst your other icy goods.


Frozen miso soup tennis balls lend them selves to most types of fun experimentation, plus are ideal for using upward leftover foods, or stuff you have lying around within your cupboards. What type of creative culinary combinations can you develop?

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