Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

WordPress is an immensely popular CMS platform, making website building accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, however, many other sites online blatantly copy designs used elsewhere on their websites.

Understanding what theme and plugins a website uses is of vital importance, which is why there are several browser extensions designed to assist in this regard.


If you own a website and would like to find out the theme it uses, WPThemeDetector can be used. It makes the task of quickly and accurately identifying WordPress themes and plugins easier.

This free web-based tool recognizes WordPress themes from any website you visit and displays information such as their name, license type, provider details and screenshots – making this an invaluable resource!

Additionally, it displays information regarding hosting and SEO of the website being tested – making this an indispensable tool for beginners.

This free WordPress theme detector can be used with any browser and on any page that uses WordPress themes – simply install and click its extension when on one to see instantaneous details of each theme!


WPBeginner is an award-winning WordPress blog known for offering helpful tutorials and advice to new users of the CMS platform. They also host a popular free Facebook group with thousands of members participating actively in discussions.

WPBeginner uses various SEO tools to boost their search engine ranking. MonsterInsights’ Top Landing Pages report allows them to identify topics which are driving traffic.

They utilize OptinMonster to create scroll boxes – popups that appear when the user reaches a certain scroll depth – that help generate email subscribers and increase email list growth.

WPBeginner provides several helpful plugins for WordPress sites, including an online form builder with drag and drop functionality, conversion optimization plugins and Facebook Pixel plugins. In addition, they have an active community on Facebook where real people provide answers to your WordPress queries; moreover, WPBeginner also offers several video courses on Udemy with expert instructors that offer advice for mastering the CMS.


Wappalyzer is a free browser extension for Chromium-based browsers that enables you to quickly identify the technologies used on websites at a glance, including CMSes, ecommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks and analytics tools.

Your data warehouse allows you to easily create lists of technologies your prospects use, giving you an edge when approaching them with relevant tech insights and driving B2B sales. Setup is straightforward so you can jump right in and begin creating data sets right away.

Wappalyzer can easily determine which CMS a website utilizes and what plugins have been installed, along with additional details like its hosting provider and security certificate – this information may prove vital when conducting infosec investigations or identifying vulnerabilities on that site.


ScanWP is a web-based tool designed to detect the themes and plugins being used on WordPress websites. It provides details such as theme name, URL and author as well as price, description, hosting provider screenshot and list of active plugins on the site.

SEMrush integration also offers SEO and traffic statistics about the website you’re researching, making the results page easily readable while offering many helpful features.

This tool works by scanning websites for themes and plugins using a remote server, then sending its results back to your browser without any unnecessary ads or clutter. It provides information such as author name, version number, description tags & license.